Guida alla registrazione dei domini



COM.BR domains have very specific registration requirements. These can complicate the registration process and make it difficult to complete new registrations.
This document identifies important requirements that should be taken into consideration for a successful implementation of COM.BR registrations.
By ensuring that all requirements are met when a registration is requested you’ll ensure a high success rate of COM.BR registrations.

Registration Overview

COM.BR registrations do not occur real-time. The registering of COM.BR domains is an asynchronous process. As such, resellers should ensure that a refund process is implemented for their clients.
COM.BR registrations can have a high failure rate due to the restrictive requirements imposed by the BR Registry (Registro Br).
When a COM.BR registration request is submitted, the order is placed in your reseller account’s in progress queue with order state waiting for registry response.
If all requirements are met when the request is submitted, it should complete within a couple of days.
In very specific cases it can take up to 45 days before a domain registration completes.  (See Appendix A – Registering Dropped Names for further information.)

Implementation Guidance

The following sections detail each of the Registry’s requirements for COM.BR registrations.

Valid Registrants

Any person or organization that is legally established in Brazil as a legal entity (institution) or as an individual (liberal professional or natural person) with a contact location within the Brazilian national territory is considered a valid
A valid registrant must be able to present a legal identification number (CPF/CNPJ) issued by the government organization, the Secretariat of the Federal Revenue of Brazil (Secretaria da Receita Federal).
Foreign companies can register COM.BR domains but must meet additional requirements as outlined in Appendix D – Registrations By Foreign Entities.

Individual And Business Identifiers (CPF & CNPJ)

All .COM.BR registrations require that a legal Brazilian identifier be submitted in the form of a CNPJ (Business Identifier / Cadastro Nacional de Pessoa Juridica) or CPF (Individual Tax Number / Cadastro de Pessoa Fisica).
Invalid CNPJ and CPF numbers are typically the largest reason for failed registrations.
If the CPF or CNPJ has already been used for a COM.BR registration with another Registrar, then the registrant needs to contact the BR Registry to request a change of Registrar prior to registering a new COM.BR domain with .

The registry validates the registrant name, company name, and owner contact address associated with the CNPJ/CPF with the federal revenue service of Brazil (Secretariat of the Federal Revenue of Brazil).
Resellers are advised to implement a programmatic validation routine when accepting a CNPJ or CPF number to ensure that the submitted values, at minimum, are in the correct format.
CNPJ Format (14 digits): NN.NNN.NNN/NNNN-NN
CPF Format (11 digits): NNN.NNN.NNN-NN
Google Gadgets hosts a CPF & CNPJ validation tool here:
The following link provides additional information on the CNPJ including examples of validation scripts:ídica
Note: This page is in Portuguese and you may prefer to view it through a translator.
The following link provides additional information on the CPF including examples of validation scripts:ísicas

Contact Information Requirements

COM.BR registrations require four contact types: Owner, Admin, Technical, and Billing. Owner and Billing contact information that is submitted with each registration request must be a real Brazilian address with all information correctly matching as the address will be strictly and fully validated by the Registry.
Contact validation is not performed by; the BR Registry performs it after the registration request is submitted by .

All aspects of the Owner and Billing address that is submitted will be validated, including street number, street name, city name, state code, postal code, and country code.
Street and city names that include accents must be submitted in UTF-8 encoding.
For example, the UTF-8 encoding of São Paulo would be: S[c3][a3]o Paulo.
When using our control panel  to register a domain name, please ensure that your browser’s encoding is set to UTF-8.  Set correctly you can submit accented characters properly, for example entering São Paulo as the city.
When performing registrations through the API, the programming language being used needs to be directed to submit information in UTF-8 encoding.
Further information on UTF-8 encoding:
If the country submitted is “BR” (Brazil), then the state must be a valid Brazilian state code:
We recommend that resellers validate the postal code format and that the state that is submitted correctly correlates to the postal code that is submitted.
Postal Code References:

Nameserver & DNS Requirements

When registering a COM.BR domain, DNS must already exist for the domain and be fully functional to ensure that the registration request is successful. Two authoritative nameservers must be submitted at registration and these
nameservers must respond to DNS queries by the BR Registry.
If the nameservers exist but are not yet responding to queries for the domain being registered, and are therefore not authoritative for the domain, then the order will remain in a waiting state in the in progress queue until the DNS is verified by the BR Registry. Otherwise, the request will expire after 14 days.
Use of nameservers within the same namespace of a domain is only possible after the domain has been successfully registered.
The BR Registry provides a web-based tool that can be used to check the validity of the DNS settings prior to submitting a registration:


Appendix A – Registering Dropped Names

When domains expire and are not renewed they are made available to be registered again. These are termed dropped domains.
The BR Registry only drops domains three to four times per year, and not to a specific schedule.
Although names become available for registration when querying the registry, the registration of dropped names can take up to 45 days to complete due to a review process that is performed by the BR Registry.
Additionally, multiple end users could apply for the same dropped domain and the BR Registry will determine to whom it’s awarded with no input from the registrant.
A reseller and registrant may experience this type of situation when requesting the registration of a dropped name. The domain registration could stay in a waiting state (in progress) for as long as 45 days. If domain registration does not complete in 45 days, then declines the registration.

Appendix B – Registering Related Names

Domains that are similar, where a hyphen may be the only difference or where accented characters are the only difference, can only be registered by a single applicant.
Accented Character Example: pensã and Attempts to register accented or non-accented versions of a domain that is already registered will fail unless identification and contact information being submitted for the new domain registration matches that of the existing registered domain.
Hyphen example: and
When domain name registration requests that include hyphens are checked by the Registry, the hyphens are stripped out resulting in a name that is already registered, and so the registration request will fail unless the identification and contact information being submitted for the new domain registration request matches that of the existing registered domain.